Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"Open" Swim

We have open swim on tuesday nights. No coaches - just whoever wants to show up, show up, and do a workout. Maybe the swim coaches will post a workout, maybe not. It's totally ad hoc.

and tonight, I loved it.

There was no set workout. There was no times to meet on your 100m intervals. There was no one telling you what to do. There was also no one else in my lane that I had to deal with. There was no friendly competition between lanes.

It's times like these when you really find out if you like what you are doing.

So last night, I just swam.

and swam and swam.

It was great. I just hopped in the water, and started with an easy stroke.

I stopped after a while, and talked with Troy. I went back to swimming, and stopped again to chat w/ Troy, and try to give him a few suggestions on things he try because he would like to get better at his swim.

He asked me, "How many meters have you done?" I said I had no idea.

and then I went back to swimming. Not counting laps. Not looking at the timer. Not even looking at the clock to see how much time I had left to swim.

I just kept swimming. I felt the water glide over my body. I felt the endorphins kick in. I tried to work on my stroke and breathing a little bit. I felt my stroke get stronger as time went on. I felt my body get into a rhythym.

I felt great.

I got out after helping with covers, and had no idea how much I swam. It was well over a mile, but that didn't matter to me.

It was similar to just "going for a bike ride". You know, the times where you wish you didn't have a speedometer, cadence sensor, elevation profile, or distance reading.

Or just "going for a run". Not caring about heart rate, pace, zones, etc. Just running.

Sometimes, we have to do this with the things we do in life. We need to stop doing what are "supposed" to do, and just do it as we want to.

For example - take a photographer. He takes pictures, and sells them as a means to make a living. But sometimes, that person should just go out and just "take pictures". Not worry about f stops, composition lining up perfectly, which exposure compensation value is correct, and if he has the right lens on.

The human mind likes the guidance and discipline of a training plan, mentorship and things that enable to be "better" at the things we like to do.

But our souls reminds us that we are humans, not machines, and that we have inhibitions inside of us that need to be set free sometimes.

and the great thing is, and there isn't a monitor or LCD screen on this beautiful earth that will tell us when we need to "let go".

It comes from inside.

Listen to yourself.

It's the most effective, accurate, efficient, cheapest, quitest, loudest monitor you can have.


Tri-ing to Find a Cure! said...

what a thoughtful post. i couldn't agree with you more.

Tina said...

There is the writer in you!