Thursday, February 08, 2007


... errr I mean speedplay. errr, I mean - a good workout that makes you faster.

Fartlek (Swedish for "speed play"), as funny as that name sounds (don't mind my childish tendencies), is actually a very common and effective type of workout used in endurance and multisport training, along with just general fitness.

Others just call it an "Interval" workout.

But, I will use the term Fartlek becomes it sounds like a lot better.

A Fartlek workout is a workout with varying degrees of intensity,that typically work the aerobic (endurance) and anaerobic (speed) systems. Typically track practice and spin classes (see anything relating to "sweat" in previous posts) are Fartlek type workouts. Most track workouts are running a prescribed distance around the track at a certain pace (5K, 10K, or Heart Rate Zone), with some sort of rest afterwards.- Usually the rest is active recovery, which basically means to keep moving, rather than just standing still. Sorry, no funny swedish name for active recovery.

Yesterday's workout was 1200m at 5K pace (6:47 min/mile), along with a run up the hill outside of the track, with a very slow walk back to the start. Tough enough in and of itself.

After the second 1200m + hill, we did a series of plyometric exercises: Skils, Frog Jumps, and Mountain Climbers. Plyometrics are exercises that are done at high intensity and are explosive in nature, to help develop acceleration and speed.

That's a somewhat formal explanation.

The less information explanation is they jack your heart rate up!!!

Track last night was a really good workout, and I look forward to giving my legs a break today to rest up for the time trial (more on that later) friday morning!

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