Tuesday, February 27, 2007

40K TT and the Gluteal Region

This past weekend, our saturday workout was a 40K (apx. 24.6 mile) time trial around fiesta island - 6 loops on the long course, with a 4 mile run afterwards.

The purpose of the workout is two fold:

* Gauge the progress of your training this season (and compare to last season)
* Go as hard as you can on the bike without regard for the run so you know what it feels like to hammer the bike, and have a difficult time running afterwards. If done correctly, you will know how hard NOT to go at Lavaman.

For me, I was comparing times against my 40K last year (1:17:00 - but 5 days after giving blood), and this summer: 1:10:47.... but also trying out my new tri bike (Cervelo Dual), and wheels (Zipp 404 Tubulars).

Final Time: 1:06:09
Avg Speed: 22.5mph (Hey, Jeff said he wanted to see 22mph at lavaman, so this was practice!)

Needless to say, I was very pleased with the results!

The workout itself wasn't bad - but because you need to have a permit to have a workout on Fiesta Island, and its only good from 7-9am - DAMN, it was COLD! It musta been a solid 52 degrees with a slight breeze out of the east. Woof. I had no problem borrowing some gloves from my buddy Robbie.

I treated it like a race. Start at a moderate pace, try to find my rhythym, and gradually build. As time went on, I felt myself getting stronger. The cranks kept turning, and my speed kept on creeping up. A few times I hit 25+mph, and could really feel the difference with the wheels. They didn't so much feel different per se, but I noticed when I really hammered, they accelerated very well, and were able to keep the speed going. They were stiff, yet very responsive.

I am not sure what my splits were, but I know the second 20K was faster than the first.

After I finished, I knew I couldn't run just yet, so I did a quick easy spin on the short loop.

After I came to a stop, I got off my bike, and bent over to try and unstrap my shoes.


My butt hurts. My butt is stiff. Why does my BUTT feel this way!?!?!?!?

And then I remembered Gurujan lecturing about really hammering.

When someone is in the aero position for a while, and they are really hammering on the pedals, a lot of that power comes from the gluteus maximus - the BUTT.

It basically felt like I couldnt bend over and stretch because my sit bones were so darn tight. Sorry for the detailed description on how my butt felt, but considering I had to RUN afterwards, I need to paint the picture on how I felt.

After taking about 5 minutes to take off my shoes, and put my bike away, I recruited Nelson to run, errr I mean, hobble with me for the 4 miles. I certainly started off at a pretty slow pace, and after a while, my derriere loosened up a bit, and we picked it up to a respectable clip.

Some say racing comes from the heart. There is no doubt that it does, but today, I learned and laughed that it comes from other prominent places as well.

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