Monday, February 12, 2007

1st place with aviators and a de soto trucker hat

Me and 5K's have a little bit of history.

The first time I ran one, it kicked my ass.

Actually, I kicked my own ass.

My original plan was to start slow, and build. In reality, I started way too fast, and finished way too slow.

That was then, this is now, and I can now claim victory against the 5K.

Sunday, February 11th was the San Dieguito Half Marathon/5K. I had a few friends who were doing the half, but I opted for the 5K. I heard it was a challenging 5K due to hills, and I welcomed the challenge.

It was a misty morning, and nice and cool - high 50's - perfect running weather. I did plenty of warm up, and ended up catching up with fellow teammates Greg Kurras and Mary Shvodian. It helped raise my energy level, which was good, because I honestly wasn't that pumped for it. My warm up was kinda sluggish, and I honestly didn't feel like running.

There was the official "3....2....1..... GO!" and off we went.

I was determined to stick with my original plan of starting at a moderate pace, and finish strong. I did just that. Greg and I did the first 3/4 of a mile or so. We were passed by a few people, but having been there before, I opted not to create friendly comeptition.

Then I started to pick it up. I got in my little trance. I started to focus. I got my little metronomic rhythym. Then all the sudden...

tick, tick, tick

I was passing people. One by one, tick by tick. I was starting to get encouraged. As the minutes went on, I was passing more people, and then finally I got to the bottom of the hill started at mile 2.25. It was definitely a respectable hill to finish the race in. I started the ascent, and the ticks kept coming..

As I saw the finish line, I started strategizing where to drop the hammer. I was about 100 -150m out, and then I picked it up. I saw about 3 people in front of me, and thought "there is no way I can pass them in this limited space". I felt like Macca chasing down Stadler (only of extremely small proportions). I picked it up even more. I got in my typical "long stride look like I am about to bust a gut "form.

And I passed them all. I came tearing past the finish line, barely able to stop in the 50m allotment for slowing down.

I waited for Greg Kurras at the finish, and we hung out for a while afterwards, grabbing all the free stuff we could. We were enjoying our chili under the pavillion, and they started with awards ceremony. I thought "there is no way that I won my age division, but I'd be curious to see what the winning time was". When I heard the times of people who won previous age divisions, I thought of the saying "no way in hell". But then they announced the Men's 25-29 age group. The #2 person had a 21:52.

I said to myself "wait, I thought I got better than that". and then BAM "And #1 - RYAN DENNER!"



I know it's a long post, but this was multiple victories for me:

* I actually came in first place in a race! I don't care if it wasn't the fastest 5K out there, a win is a win!
* I stuck with the plan! Start slow/moderate and build. It seemed to have worked wonders.
* I was able to take off a full 2 minutes off my thanskgiving day 5K on a harder course!
* I won by 1 second!!
* I did it all in aviators and a de soto trucker hat!


What is the significance of the aviators and a de soto trucker hat?

I was partly motivated by a post on forums:

"At Alcatraz I was going out on the run, trying to beat the band to catch my wife who had about a minute on me by then. I am about a 1/2 mile away from the transition area and here comes this buff looking dude. He is prety much flying. Bare in mind, this guy is a 1/2 mile from the finish line and I am a 1/2 mile into the run. So basically he has a 7 mile lead on me. The dude is the same age as me. It was Emilio DeSoto of DeSoto Sports. He is wearing one of those gawd-awful, dorky "DeSoto" trucker caps. Those must be cool in California. Anyway. "

Who does that? Who wears aviators? Who wears a trucker hat? What triathlon company makes a trucker hat?

De Soto Triathlon company, and its president have inspired me!'
Thank you emilio!


Luke Walton said...

Congratulations, buddy! Great running over the weekend. And, you did it all in style... I, myself, am a big fan of the trucker hat/aviator sunglasses combo.

Anonymous said...

Yeah... dont stop being stylish cuz some tool bag from the midwest says trucker hats aren't cool.

Tri-ing to Find a Cure! said...

haha! you look like a famous movie star running in disguise!
can i have your autograph?

Anonymous said...

hahahah congrats what a great fit well love the Aviator Sunglasses not sure about the trucker hat.