Wednesday, January 31, 2007

"Track" @ Mission Beach Boardwalk

We had some complications with our track workout this week, so "track" practice was at Mission Beach boardwalk tonight. I got there a little bit early , since for some reason, there was absolutely no traffic on the 5. For the first time in a while, I just kinda hung out solo on the beach right at sunset. It was very peaceful - especially without a lot of people around. There was also some really cool looking clouds over the ocean, and on the horizon, so it gave it a nice ambience. The scene reminded me of a time when I was in puerto rico when I was watching the sunrise on the beach one morning.

Anyhow, our workout was sand intervals, and it was about 5 miles. I realized for the first 2.5 - 3 miles, that I wasn't doing them correctly. I was informed later how to properly do them: when there is a break in the boardwalk wall, head onto the beach, and sprint to the next break in the boardwalk wall, which can be anywhere from 75-250ish meters. When I get back onto the boardwalk, then do a very easy recovery - a little more than walking. After doing about 2 - I realized that - man this was tough! A group of us hammered out the workout, and were all pretty beat afterwards! It's good to do these types of workouts every so often, especially since the last 200 meters of lavaman is on beach sand!

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Tri-ing to Find a Cure! said...

Thanks for the pix, now it makes more sense of what it would look like. aww. pr!