Tuesday, January 16, 2007

So, this is San Diego?

Yes, I live in San Diego, and damn, has it been cold lately!

It could be worse, I realize this. I could live in South Dakota, Manitoba Canada, Los Angeles, or even still be living in the Northeast, but when I get in the car in the morning, and my car reads 33 degrees, along with "ICY" next to it, it's COLD!

I think the general perception of San Diego, or SoCal in general is that its always warm here. Although, that is the case quite often, its not always like this. We have low humidity here, which in my opinion, is like applying a windchill factor, when compared to more humid climates. When I was home in Massachusetts a few weeks ago, 45 degrees seemed warmer.

I also find the weather forecasting funny. Yesterday's forecast was "Abundant Sunshine". Today's forecast is "Sunny". Tomorrow's forecast is "Generally Sunny". What the heck is Generally Sunny, and how does that compare with Abundant sunshine, Sunny, and mostly sunny? The beautiful blue sky looks the same today as it did yesterday!

I guess that I do need to remember that weathermen in San Diego probably do get bored quite a bit, and this is their way of having "fun".
Am I really complaining? It must be this cold weather.

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Tri-ing to Find a Cure! said...

It's chilly!! i can't believe you are actually cold!!!!!!!!! It's a miracle.