Sunday, January 21, 2007

"Off" Days...

Gotta love off days, especially when they are due.

Off days to me are days that involve absolutely zero training, or physical activity. Physical activity on off days to me is defined as surfing the 'net, sprawling out on the couch, getting up to get food, and just general laziness. Replenishing my glycogen stores would be another way of looking at it.

Even though I eat nonstop, try to get my 7-8 of beauty rest a night, stretch, hydrate, eat haelthy and all that stuff I am supposed to do, participating in sports can be consuming - both mentally, and physically. Training for 3 sports can at times, seem to be 3+ times as draining. With the shear volume of training we put ourselves through, and this includes the mental aspect as well, we triathletes simply just need a day off (which is harder than it seems, because most triathletes all probably share some type A personality traits!)

Saturday's workout was not supposed to be that tough, relatively. The 'advanced' group was supposed to do 3 repeats up torrey pines hill, out the 56 bike path as far as you'd like (5-10 miles, so 10-20 miles round trip), return back to torrey pines for another 3 repeats, and do a quick transition run afterwards. I did the first ascent in the easiest gear, second in 4 gears harder, the third in the aero position, and started out on the bike path feeling pretty good. I was treating the workout like a base building workout, so I wasn't really pushing it.

I had a good time chatting with people from the team on the bike path, whom I haven't met before, and enjoyed hearing the stories of adaption to the triathlon lifestyle. To most beginners, the thought of having bike shoes clipped into pedals seems dangerous. "What if I fall? or what if I dont clip out in time?" are the frequent concerns. Other than the inevitable first time of not being to clip out, they are much more powerful setup versus sneakers. As I was explaining to one teammate how to master the clipping in and out, and finally getting her to understand that the bike shoe/pedal setup is superior, not 2 seconds later did we look up and see a teammate fall over and off of her bike while trying to clip out!!! whoops.

I felt that I was appropriately dressed with arm & leg warmers, even though the weather forecast was again "abundant sunshine", it was only in the 50's, and there was some gusts of wind out there. I forgot how much of a toll the colder air can have on your body, and I underestimated my caloric needs for the day. I didn't bonk or anything, but I was certainly feeling it at the end of the workout. A bunch of us rolled over to chipote afterwards, and I absolute housed a burrito.

After my workout, I went home, showered, and got caught up on the first 4 episodes of 24. Wow. It was probably one the more mentally draining things I have ever done a couch. I was mentally exhausted afterwards. The show is just unreal people - you need to watch it. I swear if I had a HR monitor on, it would say "You are approaching lactate threshold, even though you are laying down. What is happening up there!?!?!"

Between the workout and 24, I was mentally and physically exhausted.

Sunday, I normally do my long runs, but my body was tired. So, instead, I went out to breakfast with my girlfriend, my roomate Greg, and teammates Dana and Nelson. We went to the potato shack in Encinitas, before I aptly devoured a "man hole size pancake", I actually saw Jay and Momo coming close to the end of the ever famous del dios/elfin forest bike ride. As the name implies, the pancake IS the size of a manhole cover.

Afterwards, I felt that my time would be spent best by enjoying the "abundant sunshine" outside and relaxing! AAaaaahhhhh.... the off day - gotta love it!

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exhausted is an understatement.