Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Nothing better than getting WORKED at the pool...

I got WORKED last night at the pool, and it was AWESOME!!!

So good, that I am actually still on a high from it this morning.

It was one of those workouts where when you are getting told what it is, you are saying "uh oh"...

... when you are doing it, you are saying "oh man"....

... when you get home, you say "Man, that was AWESOME!"

I swam last night w/ the San Diego Triathlon Club, and courtney is our swim instructor, and she usually shows us who's boss. Another dude named Ryan showed up tonight for his first swim, and he seems to be exactly the same pace as me, so it made for a nice little competitive swim. Here was the workout (all distances in meters):

Warm Up:
300 swim
200 kick
100 pull

Starter set:
8 x 50m at race pace, 15 seconds rest between each

Main Set (odds easy, evens hard)
2 x 50m
2 x 100m
2 x 150m
2 x 200m
(note that there isn't any rest in between. Our rest is the easy odds. Sweeeeet.)

And since we had the 50m lanes tonight, we got to finish with:
6 x 50m sprints w/ 1 min rest.

Let me tell you - those sprints hurt, but felt oh so good!

1st - fast, hard, get to the other end, and you are breating pretty hard.
2nd - just about the same.
3rd - I started realizing that I was probably swimming these 50's like they were 25's.
4th - I confirmed that I was swimming these 50's like they were 25's. Once I would get to about 2/3 the way done w/ the lap, I noticed my turnover decreased. my speed dropped. I was feeling it. I looked over at Ryan, and he was doing the exact same thing. It literally was like we both had sails attached to us at the 2/3 point. get to the other side, and discuss what just happened!
5th - My calves were starting to burn on this one. I don't know how, since you probably barely use your calves when you swim. Get to the other side, and say "man, my calves are even burning I am going so hard!" Laughter followed shortly after from people in nearby lanes.
6th - oh man. uh oh. Here we go! It was basically a culmination of all of the above...

Calves burning.
Sensory overload.
Reach & Pull.
Breathe when only necessary.
Touch the wall on the other side.

100 easy cool down.

Go home.
head straight to the kitchen, devour food.
Shower, stretch, BED.


The ultimate sign of a good workout: Waking up the next day feeling mentally and physically great!!!


Anonymous said...

I love good hard swim workouts. Especially when you leave the pool feeling like you really gave it your all and kicked ass. Sweet post man.


Jeff H said...

Awesome, only another triathlete could be jealous of 'gettin worked' in the pool. Keep up the good work homie.