Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My 1st spin class!!!

I am no longer a spin class virgin.

I have now found a new avenue for pain, and I really like it (yeah, shocker right?) I finally joined the rest of america by doing my first spin class tonight. I didn't do it at a gym on a stationary bike, but on my own bike, setup on a stationary trainer. My friends Jay, Dave, Victoria, and Paul (c'mon paul, get a blog!) all have Felipe L. as their tri coach, and he holds his spin class every tuesday night not too far from where I live. Felipe comes highly recommended as a great coach, and I was curious to try a workout of his. (One of the funnier parts of the night when we first met, and he goes "Oh, yeah, I read your blog!! Jay has a link to your blog on his!!" I found that amusing - gotta love blogs and living in the digital age! Even funnier, I had read felipe's blog prior to meeting too.)

I was spinning next to jay during the workout, and we were having fun lauging at how tough the workout can be. I must say I really enjoyed it, and look forward to my next one. Even though our bikes were stationary, jay also said that my bike looks fast because of the "VROOM" on it.

My bike is yellow, which makes it look even faster, especially when stationary.

Anyhow, back to the workout.... So, here's the kicker...

...spin class is outside!

I know, I know. Even though a few posts ago, I was on the verge of complaining how cold it has been in San Diego, but I quickly learned that no matter the temperature, spin class will make you sweat. I'm not talking a quick wipe of the brow, I'm talking near puddle formation on the ground below you - in 45-50 degree weather no less.

In the past, my girlfriend always tells me about how much she sweats in spin class - and I'm like "seriously, who wants to hear about how much someone sweats during a workout?"

I quickly learned that is a legitimate topic of conversation.

There is a reason why Felipe told me to bring a towel. Within minutes, I was rolling up my sleaves, zipping down the front of my bike jersey, and reaching for my towel. Not once, not every so often, not even after every interval. It got to the point where I just wish I had a headband. I was soaked, and it was great. The funny part was when I got home, and I could definitely tell what part of my front tire was directly under my forehead by all the white dried sweat spots all over the rubber.

This workout came at the right time because I have been going through a little motivation rut, and this workout certainly kicked me back into gear. Big thanks to Felipe and Jay!

I am sure my legs will thank me tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

Great post Denner. Felipe's spin class is tough. It makes ya stronger though. Hope ya stick with it. It is fun having my peeps there.