Monday, January 01, 2007

Home for the Holidays

aaahhhh... home for the holidays. It has been a while since I was home for an extended period, and man, was it good to be home! Home for me is Massachusetts, just outside the city of springfield, which is apx. 80 miles west of Boston. In western mass, we park our cars and drink coffee, whereas east of worcester, they pahk their cahs and drink cahfee.

Being home and on vacation meant major relaxation, and taking time off from training. Taking time off is just as important as your training say, needless, to say I was looking forward to it. It was also good to catch up with some friends from home and party it up!
However, to finish off my training before relaxation, I had the pleasure of having to sprint all the way across Phoenix airport to make my connecting flight. After a week of relaxation (and getting fat!), I was challenged with the same issue in Chicago!

Nothing like sprinting through airports during the holidays! Not only was it a mad dash through each of these airports, but of course my connecting gates were on the opposite side of where I currently landed. As if sprinting through crowded airports full of holiday travellers, but I had a laptop, camera and tripod to lug around too!

All in all though, it was good to see the fam, and to see my dad's new house!

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