Monday, January 29, 2007

First (Lavaman) Ocean Swim

This past sunday, the lavaman team did our first ocean swim at La Jolla shores (This was a coached workout, not another polar bear swim!!)

I have great memories of last year's first ocean swim - mainly jumping in the water, not listening to Coach, body surfing non-stop, playing and laughing in the water as if I was 5 years old again. Having done some surfing in the past, I was able to acclimateto the water temp a bit easier than others, but nothing quite compares to the initial "open up your wetsuit and let the cold water in".

Being a mentor - this was one of the more enjoyable workouts - to see everyone else go through that experience. After us mentors had to do a few little surf entry/exit demo's, it was great watching everyone else jump in and splash around! After a few minutes, our Coach says "Ok Folks, it's a WETSUIT, so we have to get it wet inside. So open it up, and take in a bunch of water!!"

Of course he was met w/ some mild resistance because of the water temp. But he is the coach, and they have to listen. Sitting back and watching, nothing truly compares to seeing the face on someone when the 57 degree water makes it way down from the neck to the chest, and from the chest into mid section of the wetsuit, and then watching their face light up! After a few seconds, you'd think the pacific ocean was filled with hundreds of 7 year old girls!We had about 80 or so people there, and even the guys were screaming! It was great.

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Anonymous said...

screaming like 7 year-old girls huh?!? NICE! I think I will stick to the warm pool. You are more of a man than me Den Den.