Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Yes, the DDDBBB.

This translates to: The "Delicious Del Dios Burrito Brick and Barbeque", which also translates to: "I am having a delicious burrito barbeque after the Del Dios Brick workout on saturday"

I skipped out on the workout saturday morning to hold a barbeque at my place for the Lavaman Team. proceeds went to my fundraiser for Blood Cancer Research. Having done the Del Dios Brick a few times, along with that "DAM HILL", I know the feeling of riding a hilly 25 mile bike ride, and running 3-6 miles afterwards.
The body screams for food. It's tired. You don't want to walk. It takes an enormous amount of energy just to get your bike in/on your car. You just want to relax and have some food. Maybe even a beer. Hanging out with friends is not the priority, but it would certainly be fun if they were there, to enjoy the succulent morsels of burrito cooked up by a master chef.

The day started out cold (see post below), windy and cloudy. Then, shortly before everyone finished their workout, the clouds cleared. The sun made its way out. The winds calmed. The temperature warmed...

.... and the burritos were-a-cookin!!!

I had about 20-25 people over, and good times were had by all!

Note: never underestimated the ability of 20+ triathletes to consume over 6 lbs of chicken, 4 cans of beens, a vat of rice, tortilla chips, some of the best homemade pico de gringo gallo, and anything else you can throw at them!!!!

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