Monday, December 04, 2006

Dr Jekyl & Mr Hyde

So, some of my coworkers recently have checked out my blog after a bout of trash talking, and general inquiry on my training. Both of them were shocked at my latest entries of gut check week and pain. I was also called a masochist (encarta's definition 2 and 4, NOT 1 and 3), and have been asked "where did the old easy going, lovable ryno go, who has now turned into a tri-loving, blog spewing, manic who loves pain and punishment?"

Ladies and Gentlmen - ryno, juice, ryan, denner, tri freak - whatever it is that you call me - still exists!! The problem is, is that I caught this thing called the triathlon bug, and I am totally hooked. I mean really, ALL triathlon really is - is an organized, competitive, expensive, fun version of the things we liked to do when we were KIDS: swim in a pool, chase our friends on the bike, and run around like maniacs. Admit it, whatever your current age is - there is still a part of you that can relate. Throw in a bunch of people you're age who are about the same ability for some friendly competition, the fact that female's in this sport can be down right ruthless, and the fact that older guys just get faster - you have to bring your A game and game face!

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