Monday, November 27, 2006


One of the many benefits of living in southern california is year round activities, especially on holidays. I ran a 5K (3.1 mile) on thanksgiving morning. I ran it because a few others were doing it, it's a good workout for building speed, pacing yourself, but for me, it was more of a gut check of my running ability. Remember, even though I did one season of triathlon where I do a 10K run after a bike and swim, I did have 7 weeks off.

To a lot of people say 5K's are really easy. I mean, who CAN'T run 3 miles, even at a slow pace. But the 5K is a delicate balance of pushing hard/pushing too hard. My original plan was to start slow at about 8 min/mile, and maybe work down to about a 6-6:30 min mile. But we all know that your master plan gets scraped as soon as anything starts.

Major mistake was to start with Paul Jesse, one of my biggest competitors. We took off at a pretty torrid (for us) pace of about 6:30/6:45, which left me absolutely gassed at mile 2.2. It took me about a mile just recover my breath, and I finally finished at a somewhat respectable 23 minutes 15 seconds (7:31 pace). Ugh.

That old guy in the purple beat me!

Original Goal was 22 minutes-ish (7:11 pace).

Gut Checks: 1 Ryan: 0

NEXT UP: 1 Mile run time trial. Time to beat: 6:22


It's Thanksgiving weekend! A weekend when we give thanks. We give thanks for the family, friends, health, wealth, and all else we are thankful for.

My roomate Greg and I drove up to Huntington Beach to have dinner with some people we graduated with. In attendance was the man himself, Jeff Hartnett. Jeff made the trip down from Berkeley to visit. But what made it so honorable is Jeff is undergoing his second bout of chemotherapy. A month or so ago, Jeff received the unfortunate news that he relapsed, and that he will undergo another round of chemotherapy, along with radiation, and most likely a bone marrow transplant, with all the procedures lasting until March 2007.

Jeff was and is my main source of inspiration and motivation for continuing with Team In Training to help find a cure for cancer. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers, and be thankful for the life and health that you have.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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