Monday, January 23, 2006

It really hit home tonight

Tonight - everything I have been doing for this fundraising really hit me.

I received a phone call from one of my close friends, and after the "Hey, how's it going?" stage of the conversation, I realized by the tone in his voice, something wasn't right. He said to me, "You know all that training you are doing for LLS, well, I was diagnosed with Lymphoma yesterday."


25 years old.

Diagnosed with Cancer.

Nearly unable to speak with a million thoughts running through my mind, I started asking questions about his condition. Without going into too much detail, he remains "cautiously optimistic" about his condition and his chemotherapy recovery program. He will know more in the coming weeks. He remains strong, and positive about things - even throwing in jokes when he can - "Man, if you needed help raising money, I think you may have found yourself a new person to donate!"

I have always said that in this program, I have looked forward to meeting people who have been effected by these diseases, but I never thought it'd be like this. Meeting people helps me appreciate what I am working/fundraising for. It helps ME appreciate what I have. I hear their stories - some positive, some not, but after this conversation tonight - it gave me a whole new light. It added "fuel for the fire".

Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers if you are reading this.

Some final thoughts:

Go out - enjoy life. You never know that today may limit you from what you want to do tomorrow.

Don't let the little things get you down.

Everyone has bad days, or even weeks, maybe even months, but sometimes "things could always be worse" is the best perspective to have.

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